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When it comes to  water damage what you don’t know really can hurt you! Water damage can result in increased insurance rates, decreased resale value of home and property, and even health issues for years to come if not properly – and promptly – repaired. Learn how to protect yourself and your family from water related damage with these quick tips:

1. React Fast. Time is of the essence. When water damage takes place it is imperative to contact an Texas water damage and extraction company as soon as possible. Don’t wait until the next morning – search for providers that offer 24/7 support! Mold and mildew can begin growing within 24 to 48 hours!

2. Remove. Until all the water is extracted and the humidity levels returned to normal, it may be necessary to remove furniture and other items from the area even if they aren’t in direct contact with the water. High humidity and general unsanitary conditions may contaminate other items. Work with a reputable Atlanta water damage repair service that provides relocation and storage assistance for your belongings.

3. Report. Extensive water related damages often require the financial support of insurance – after all, that is what insurance is for. Don’t risk the health and security of your family and investments by trying to do it yourself; instead, locate a reputable Carl’s Corner TX water damage and restoration company that works with insurance to help you begin the process of restoring your property.

4. Discard. Sometimes it is necessary to eliminate contaminated items – especially If the water damage is due to sewage overflow, flood waters or other potentially harmful water sources. The rule of thumb is “if in doubt – throw it out“. A qualified water restoration expert can assist in providing valuable information on whether or not your belongings are safe to keep and capable of being cleaned.

5. Review. Water damage can impact the entire home including air quality, drywall, upholstery and even hardwood flooring. Save time and money by dealing with a company capable of providing full service when you need it.

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Repairing water damage is never a pleasant prospect, but drywall damage repair is less onerous than repairs to some other materials. Ceiling water damage repair for drywall is rather more complicated than repairs to walls, and presents some extra issues.

First of all is the possibility that enough water may have accumulated behind the ceiling drywall that it presents a danger of collapse. While most modern houses have 5/8" fire-stop drywall on the ceilings, this can be a blessing or a curse. It is a blessing in that the extra dimension of the material will withstand greater water weight before collapsing catastrophically. On the other hand, if one isn't able to safely drain out that water before collapse, not only will there be a greater weight and volume of water accumulated, but the extra heavy drywall material itself can present an increased risk of injury to people and things beneath.

Once the source of the ceiling water damage is accounted for, if there is a downward bulge in the ceiling drywall, you will know that there is some amount of accumulated water suspended there. After removing all furnishings and other moveables from the affected area, lay down plastic sheeting to catch the inevitable falling of water and soaked drywall. Obtain a supply of buckets and ideally, a wet/dry vacuum and prepare to catch as much of the water as possible. Pierce the drywall at its lowest point and catch the outflow with the vacuum or in buckets. Once you start, the water will flow until it's gone, so don't skimp on the buckets.

Once the immediate danger of collapse is removed, you can proceed with drywall repairs as in repairing wall water damage. However, note that working overhead presents problems not associated with repairing walls.

Drywall is heavy, and the thicker, fire-stop types are the heaviest of all. If you have to replace any area of substantial size, plan to have one or more helpers to hold the patch in place while it's secured with screws or nails.

Also, take account of the fact that you'll be working overhead, and some means of reaching the work area will be required. Doing this sort of work can be accomplished on a ladder. However, be aware that working on a ladder on a patch that you can't reach all of will require trip after trip up and down the ladder. Drywall repairs demand a number of steps, all of which must be done in their own time. A good idea is to buy or rent scaffolding to maximize the amount of area you can work on each trip up and down. It's safer in the long run, and your knees will thank you when it's over.

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You arrive at home and walk into the kitchen or living room and, OH NO! It looks like it is raining from your ceiling! What should you do? First thing, remain calm. Do not turn on any lights or appliances in the area, to avoid electrical shorting or possible electrocution. Stay away from underneath the water damaged ceiling area (as best as possible) as sometimes a water damaged ceiling will collapse and could cause serious injury.

If the water damaged ceiling is on the first floor, check the second floor to possibly see where the water is coming from and perhaps shutoff the water flow. Some possible and common sources of water: Toilet overflow. Overflowing sink, or tub, that was left on and that is clogged or slow draining. Washing machine overflow. Roof leak (immediately call a 24 HR. emergency service roofer). For many of these issues you will be able to shutoff the flow of water by immediately correcting the problem. If the cause is a broken or cracked supply line (under a toilet or sink) try to shut off the corresponding valve at the source, thereby stopping the flow of water. If none of these solutions work, shut off the water main valve to your house. If this is not possible, call an emergency service plumbing company for help. Remember it is always a good thing to have an established relationship with a plumbing company, especially one who offers 24 hour emergency service.

After you have shut off the water source, you may want to carefully place bowls or buckets where the water was leaking through the ceiling, this will help to prevent water damage to flooring or cabinets below the water damaged ceiling. Remember though, safety first! Do not go beneath a ceiling that looks saturated or cracked. Often, water will drain through ceiling registers or can lights. In this situation this is a normal occurrence as water looks for the path of least resistance to travel downward and often these pre-cut light and heating / air conditioning holes in the ceiling are the easiest way for water to travel downward.

After these initial steps, because of the complexity of this type of water damage situation, it is recommended that you contact a certified water damage restoration specialist to evaluate the ceiling damage. A professional will be able to correctly determine the extent and size of the water damaged ceiling and what areas can be dried or what areas of finish materials will have to be removed and replaced. An important note, even though some of the ceiling may need to be removed, the exposed wood framing beams will still need to be dried prior to re-installing dry wall (sheetrock) over them. Drying of this type is usually accomplished effectively throught the use of dehumidifiers and turbo air movers (high velocity fans). This is a very important step in the water damaged ceiling drying process and should never be ignored.

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Your house can be damaged by water infiltration from a variety of different reasons. A few of one of the most typical root causes of water damages to houses are building contractor and also specialist oversight. Leaking pipelines as well as blocked drains pipes can make water seep inside your home and cause damage to the insides. Often, natural calamities like floodings, storms or hurricanes could also cause a great deal of damage.If you desire

to jail and lessen the damage done to your residence, you should employ the services of emergency situation water damage cleaning specialists. The faster the issue is participated in to, the lower the damage to your house. The expense of cleanup would certainly also be less if the issue is handled as very early as feasible. Water damages is not a quite sight. Maybe an eye aching to see your stunning house spoiled by leaking water and also floating debris. Also if the water leakages from a pure water resource like a tap, it can typically obtain mixed with dirt and gunk ingrained inside joints as well as under rugs. This could soil the walls and various other home furnishings, making it harder to tidy up the mess.Water damage frequently gives increase to other issues like dirtied rugs, dampness of wall surfaces and also a great deal of mess, specifically if the drain was the source of leak. The water cleanup company should likewise be able to use all other relevant damage remediation solutions like rug cleansing, carpet fixing, carpet re-stretching, carpet cleaning, dehumidifying, sanitizing, drying out as well as sewage system cleaning. Seek a solution that could give a complimentary estimate. They must send completely licensed service technicians to your premises within 60 mins or less. It would certainly aid if they likewise function with insurance provider to aid you with insurance claims.

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If your residence has experienced a flood, you'll should repair the taking place water damages and eliminate the water. Just how you'll require to clean depends upon the kind of flooding you have actually experienced. Mold and mildew problems and water damage that take place due to a busted pipes which includes tidy water will not be almost as negative as the damages from a damaged drain line or water from a storm.Mold and also damage from tidy water won't be as serious an issue. This type of damages could typically be resolved by a detailed drying out of the residence followed by an easy mold check. Your house could be dried out by merely opening all the windows as well as doors.Following that, remove all of your personal items from the residence.

Carpet removal and also substitute could likewise be essential to avoid mold. This action can assist maintain mold and mildew from getting involved in your floorboards. You could also put fans at locations in your house to speed up the drying out process.If you really feel that your water damages is too severe, you can call a specialist to check the damage as well as see if

the structure or structure of the house has actually been jeopardized. A damaged foundation can result in much more severe issues, ultimately. If this is a concern, you'll have to care for it before any type of necessary mold as well as water damages repair.If your water damage is as a result of a tornado or from a sewage system, you must either understand specifically how you can fix the damages, or work with a cleansing processional. The issues concerning mold and mildew from unclean water are much higher than the risks with tidy water. Also tidy water can trigger mold development, if it's not cared for quickly sufficient. Dirty water is understood to cause extra rapid mold and mildew growth.Mold as well as water damage typically go along with each various other. Moisture triggers mold and mildew to grow. To prevent the growth of mold as well as to repair water damage, it's recommended to rapidly heat up the afflicted location to 115 degrees for a period of 24-HOUR. There are mold and mildews that can create fatality to pet dogs or even individuals. To stay clear of severe wellness problems, tidy up procedures must occur instantly, as quickly as it is risk-free to return to the house. Do not enable any type of time for mold and mildew to expand. After you're totally cleansed up your home, ask the wellness board to check out as well as execute an examination for mold and mildew. Virtually every neighborhood provides this solution completely free.

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